About Us

About Us

A Multi-disciplinary consulting firm which provides skill based, customized, time bound and cost effective analytical and advisory services in planning, policy, feasibility studies, project design, and implementation, project management etc.we are mainly working on 3 major aspects of engineering academics,consulting and construction .

- Preparation of a construction site, such as site completion or forestry.
- Establishments or activities for the construction of bridges, slopes, roads, canals, buildings etc.        
-Construction of electrical, water, insulation, telecommunication equipment while building a building.   
-Activities for carpentry, carpentry and lumbering.
-Rental works for construction or demolition purposes, including dodgers, cranes, lorries, etc.   
-Wholesale sale activities to be done on a fee or contract basis.   
-Activities for handling real estate and rentals.     
-Construction and Civil Engineering related materials such as crane, dodger, lorry etc. Rental Agents         
-Activities to provide building related engineering, engineering services.       
-Technical tests, quality and analysis such as strength, accuracy test etc.       
-To carry out education related counseling services, tuition, language etc.


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