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-for getting connected with other engineeers
-for sharing your ideas with others
-for helping other students to complete their engineering by providing them semister notes,lab reports

  • we also provide internship to the deserving final year student

-What are your benefits ?
1) You are the member of egineering helpline, so feel proud of it.

2) You will get chance to do presentation, you can be trainer or speaker etc. if you are good at them.
3) You will get opportunity for internship in your final year. You will be paid for it too.
4) You will get chance to be a researcher i.e. on the field and off the field. You will be paid for it too.

So, you must have gained some idea of what we are doing. Its basically to help students grow, make them more skillful and make a habit of learning.

join our group now by log in to www.engineeringhelpline.com