Training on Revit


Course Description

  1. Basic overview of course :

–          Introduction

–          Course Overview

–          Relevance and scope of the Training


  1.     Training/Practice

–         Software Installation

–         Introduction to the Autodesk Revit software

–     Basic drawing and editing tools

–     Setting up levels and grids  

–     Working with views

–     Starting a structural project based on a linked architectural model

–         Adding structural columns and walls

–     Adding foundations and structural slabs  

–     Structural reinforcement 

                  –     Beams, trusses, and framing systems

                 –    Analytical models and placing loads

                –          Project practices to reinforce learning

      –         Construction documents

     –          Annotating construction documents

     –          Layout preparation and printing

                –          Detailing and Scheduling

Learning by doing 

Group-based project work will be assigned to the participants to revise their learning and add more confidence while executing their learning into the work.